June 7, 2008 – HKT#5 wows Rangerville Crowd

HKT#5 made it’s debut performance at the Annual Rangerville Party in Alger, WA. This was a huge private event with great music and loads of yard art. HKT#5 ran most of the day and all night for a total of about 16 hours.

I made a protective ‘wire shelf’ container with black painted mesh screen to protect the Tron. HKT#5 ran right down at audience eye level at LOUD band volume (low Tron) value. The Audio ‘Out-to-In’ sequence was fantastic.

Once again, HKT#5 was well received.

HKT#5 Illuminates the Annual Rangerville Party

Number6 at the FireArtsFestival

hi kids!


HypKnowTron #6 will be making a special appearance at
The Crucibles Fire Arts Festival in Oakland this week.  #6 will be on loan from its new owner for Thurs-Sat nite.  
The ChakraTron will be installed on Wed running till Sat nite and hopefully ill have net access to run the KarmaRelay.  

Come see the best audio interpretation circuit ive ever done so far, on a 4 foot monoblade with over 80 different patterns. This may be your only chance
to see #6 in action, so don’t miss it!